Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Summary of 2015

It's been a busy few months since the last update. 

Robyn adapted really well to her Baha. However the first little while was eventful. The first one only lasted a few weeks before it was broken. Robyn decided it looked tasty and was caught chewing on it. The second suffered a similar fate. The third was a short term loan of a stronger Baha model which Robyn really seemed to dislike and would tolerate for shorter lengths of time during the day. This seemed to remedy when the second one was returned to us. Since then we have passed most of the issues we had early on. Robyn will occasionally try to put it in her mouth still but mostly this is for attention as she knows someone will come running. She will also be quite clear when she has had enough for one day or when the room or people she is with are too noisy for her as she will remove the whole band from her head and hand it to us. For the most part she seems to enjoy being able to hear though and will soon let us know when the battery has run out to have it fixed. 

Robyn loves an accessory and as the Baha has now become an everyday part of her look we decided to help her customise it to make it more unique. We have several soft bands that we ordered from this website here. Baha Headbands. 


Hello kitty band

My little pony band

Glitter band with sparkly band. 

We have also tried out several different modifications on the cover of the device itself. Here are a few of the ones we have liked best over the last few months. 

Aside from being pretty and fashionable the hearing aid itself has also shown to be helping Robyn's speech development. Unofficially Robyn can now say the words Daddy, Mum, and doggy. The third being very new and is a result of the arrival of Granny's new dog.  Possibly also a little bit to do with Paw Patrol. 

So we definitely have the beginnings of a talker. We also unofficially have a walker. It is definitely still a work in progress due to balance issues but Robyn can now take a large number of steps unaided indoors. She has not yet mastered getting to standing without something to pull up on but one step at a time. More often than not she will still choose to crawl for speed and safety rather than walk but we hope than beginning her new nursery will encourage her to choose walking more and more. She is still using her rollator for outdoors or any lengthy distances indoors or for anywhere unfamiliar. 

It has been a fun few months at home with Robyn full time since she was discharged from Armitstead nursery. The time now has come for Robyn to start at a local nursery for children with additional support needs. Robyn and I have been attending the nursery room one morning a week for the past two months so that the people and building and routine become familiar to Robyn. She has really enjoyed her sessions and made friends with all the other children in her room. The room is mostly makaton based and so should also bring her communication skills both verbal and signing on in leaps and bounds. 

It's also been an exciting for the young Mr. T. He will start school in August 2016 so we have been visiting to assess the schools in our local area. The one we have decided to enroll him in is our local catchment school which also has enhanced provision. This will hopefully mean that when the time comes Tyler and Robyn will be able to attend the same school. We also found out recently there is a good chance that two of Robyn's friends may start at the same school when she does so it would be great for the four of them to all be together.  He had some hard times too, when nursery went back after the summer holidays most of Tyler's friends had moved onto school. He missed them badly and it took him quite a long time to settle back into the routine. He has been enjoying school group at nursery, and learning lots of new things. He recognizes most letters now and can read certain words like his own name, and the names of his group friends. He can count to twenty with no mistakes and is learning a little about adding and subtracting. 

Both children were very excited for Xmas this year. Robyn learned lots of new makaton related to xmas including the signs for jingle bells and her favorite sign of reindeer. Tyler had his heart set on a Lego police station and Robyn was hoping for a wooden dollhouse. Santa was very kind and delivered both. Mum and Dad were also very kind and supplied lots of gifts too. 

All in all its been a very good year for us all. We bought our first house and have watched our gorgeous kids both make excellent steady progress in all their endeavors. We are definitely looking forward to 2016 and all of the new experiences it will bring

Happy New Year to everyone when it comes.