Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Goodbye Armitstead, and hopefully hello.

Following on from the last post the last day of term at Armitstead Nursery had to roll round eventually. Very emotional for everyone involved knowing that Robyn has made so many friends at nursery and has been so well looked after there. We left our blog details with the nursery and we are hoping we can say hello to some new followers from there as I know a lot of the staff will miss following Robyn's journey everyday.

Its easy to see at a glance just how much progress Robyn made in her 18 months at Armitstead. In the first picture she is fully supported in her seating but has still slumped slightly to the side as she just didn't have the strength to hold herself upright, she would never have managed bearing weight on an angle like she is doing in the last picture. As well as her physical development but also in confidence and personality. I have loved reading back over all her notes in her workbook that the staff have left about all her little moments. Its  always good to know your child is the one known to have a 'happy dance'.

Aside from that when Robyn first started at nursery we had been signing with her for about a year and had not really had much in the way of her signing back to us. Now Robyn has a little over 100 signs she will regularly use to communicate with us. A huge part of that has come from the reinforcement of having other people in her life signing with her all the time, during every activity. Each of those ladies helped to encourage my girl to use her voice and we are truly thankful for that.

Even eating and drinking when she first started was a huge thing. She would barely eat solids or drink from a bottle but snack time and lunch time changed all that. Not only does Robyn love her food now she has also finally started to grow and allow us to stop worrying about her size and weight. 

18 months ago I would never have thought so much progress in such a short time would have been possible, but with the right input from some wonderful people who genuinely cared for her Robyn has made unbelievable progress.

Thank you to everyone at Armitstead, there are far too many to name them all but we wanted to say a special thank you to Lori and Natalie for everything. x