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Our Family

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Flaws in Doing too Well.


It was Team Around the Child Meeting time again today. It always impresses me when I first walk into the room just how many medical professionals my two year old can command to be in the same room at the same time.

Today that consisted of me, her paediatrician, a dietician, a case manager, the head teacher from her new nursery, an early years outreach worker, a Teacher of the Deaf, a physio, an OT, a SALT, a key nursery worker, her head nurse and her overall lead person. And there were two people missing that are usually in attendance.

As you can imagine its a very long meeting so that everyone can say their piece.

 On the whole those pieces were very good today, Robyn has come on leaps and bounds these last few months. She has become much stronger physically and has now taken a liking to walking with her rolator much more, even beginning to walk outside with it which until recently she wouldn't do, she would just stand and scream and refuse to take a step.

Her makaton has also come on very well, at home we have recorded her using around 80 signs but nursery have reported her using signs that we haven't seen at home so the true figure could be much higher. She is also linking signs together to make sentences completely independently. Some examples of this being today at nursery when she pulled me to the wall, pointed to a picture of herself and signed Robyn. Earlier in the week she was in her pram and signed to me 'look, picture, lady' to a picture on the wall of Tyler's nursery teacher. She understands lots and will follow instructions sometimes but most of the not following is down to being two and doing only what she wants rather than any developmental delay.

Her speech is still obviously behind but we again discussed the last audiology appointment where they felt we may need to go back to using the hearing aids. The SALT felt that this was showing in the lack of verbal improvement we are seeing and also contributing to how easily distractible Robyn can be in group work. Her next audiology appointment is scheduled for the next few weeks so  we will hopefully get a clearer answer soon.

Therapy wise most of her therapists are now only working with her in an advisory capacity within the nursery. Medically Robyn has been healthy for a very long time with no medical complications. And most of the rest of her workers are community based.

Robyn has been accepted for a place at a local nursery that caters for children with additional needs and the head teacher today discussed how they are planning to place her in their makaton based room with a view to moving between that room and the mainstream room  as and when appropriate. They seem very keen to have her as soon as they can. However with the fact that Robyn is a September birthday she doesn't qualify to start until January 2016. We don't qualify for two year funding under the new rules unfortunately

Most of the children in Robyn's peer group in the Armitstead nursery are all moving on in July which will leave her for the most part with no one left there to challenge her and push her development on. As a result of this and the fact that she really no longer needs such high input from most of her therapists the decision has been made to discharge her from the nursery when the current term ends in July. We should be thrilled of course but at the same time a bit disappointed that Robyn will have a bit of a gap and will need to readjust to being separated again in January. And also very sad we will have to leave all of her friends in Armitstead as she has had such an amazing time there for the last 18 months.

Great news, but also not so great.