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Our Family

Friday, 28 November 2014

Team Around the Child Review - 2 years and 2 months

Ready for Winter

We had Robyn's 6 monthly review yesterday. They complete these to get all of the staff working with her in the Child Development Nursery together to update on her progress in the previous six months and to set goals for the next six.

For the first time ever one of these meetings came out all positive. First up being Dad got an unexpected days holiday so was able to attend last minute which is great as it saves me trying to relay all the information to him second hand.

Robyn's first report was from her key worker in the nursery who cant sing her praises high enough. She was telling us all about Robyn's favourite areas to play in the nursery as well as how her life skills are coming on. This includes being given 'duties' to responsible for in the nursery. Robyn's job is to hand out the bibs at snack time to all her friends. She has also been learning to pour her own drinks from the jug into her own cup. She almost never spills and when she does she is quick to clean up her own mess. Her key worker talks really fondly of her 'special dance' too that she does when she realises its time for snack group lol.

Winter is Coming

OT was up next. The OT was telling us that she s finding Robyn challenging but in a good way. She is finding it difficult to find new things to challenge Robyn. Each new task Robyn is picking up and mastering very quickly then she is looking for the next activity. The OT is struggling to keep up with her. They are doing less and less 1:1 sessions as they are needed less and the involvement is mostly about advising the nursery staff on activities to work on. These include dressing skills, and helping her learn to control her fine motor skills so that instead of just repeatedly mashing at the screen while playing with an IPad she learns when to press and when to wait etc.

Happy Halloween

SALT report was next. After much stopping and starting and miscommunication with this recently we seem to have finally made some progress. There was no talk about feeding for a start! excellent. We covered Robyn's use of Makaton briefly discussing how she is now up to around 25 signs and is beginning to understand that she can link them together to make sentences. There was also evidence that she clearly understands more words and signs than she is able to recreate by using a test designed for older (age and development wise) children. It included laying several common items (a sock, a duck, etc) in front of Robyn and asking her to pick up and hand to the tester a specific item. This test placed Robyn at 1 year 9 months old developmentally for understanding which is a delay of only 5 months. We then moved onto actual speech therapy. We have highlighted that while we understand the importance of working in peer groups, and teaching speech relevant to Robyn's immediate interest we would also expect some degree of 1:1 work to ensure she is also getting the full benefit of the therapy in case she is missing things in the busy nursery room due to her hearing loss. This has been agreed and will be going into place from nest week. On the back of this we have also been given a new Teacher of the Deaf who will now have sessions alternately at home with us and then at nursery to ensure her input is being included into the speech therapy.

Tired out

Next came Physio's report. This was probably the one showing the most development. In January this year Robyn was barely sitting unaided. She is now sitting confidently, making the transition into sitting by herself, crawling well less in commando and more in 4 point position. She is pulling to stand and cruising to the left and right easily. They are no longer using her tot stander at all, and have stopped using her pacer for the moment as she is finding it too restrictive and she dislikes it so much she will rock and jump around and has almost managed to tip the whole frame over. Obviously they don't like to commit to anything but the feeling seems clear that they don't think walking is a too far in the distance idea.

The 27-30 month review which is standard for the Health Visitor to do is also upcoming and the HV seemed surprised during certain conversations when aspects of that assessment were mentioned that Robyn is more than capable of achieving at this stage. The most outstanding one being the threading of cotton reels and stacking activities.

This driving thing is easy

Overall the review seems so positive that they have discussed that Robyn may outgrow the nursery and her peer group sooner than expected and may no longer need a place at all after the next review. In which case she would see any outstanding therapists at home. We briefly discussed the education panel and her progression into mainstream nursery for her 3 years old placement, We had always assumed she would transfer straight from one to the other but she may end up having a break in between if she does really well in the next few months. That is obviously great for her progress but sad that she will no longer get to see all her friends lol. We will all be sad I think.

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