Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Year in Review - Year 2

Little early with this post this year but was thinking about our numbers for the year today and was a little bit excited lol.

Last years figures looked like this :

Robyn has been in 2 Hospitals. Had 4 sets of ambulance transfers between them including one in an Emergency Helicopter. And 1 very scary emergency trip in an ambulance from home to hospital with Mum. She has been under GA four times for operations. At 3 days, 8 days, 17 days, and 59 days. She has spent 18 days in Paediatric Intensive Care as well as 8 days in Neonatal Intensive Care. She had stents in her nose for 6 weeks.

Robyn spent 150 days (roughly 5 months) in hospitals in total. And 215 days (roughly 7 months) home.

During that time at home Robyn has had 65 appointments to see various members of her team and this number does not include appointments that were cancelled during hospital stays or that took place on the wards during hospital stays.

 This years figures look loads better. Robyn has still been in 2 hospitals but no ambulance transfers this time. She has been under GA once for a planned operation. She stayed in for 2 nights just, both of those on a ward. She has had 1 admittance to hospital besides that and that was in the week following the operation. She spent five nights in that time mostly in HDU. We have had 2 observations in the GP bay with a possibility of being admitted and then sent home. So in a year a grand total of 1 WEEK in hospital, as opposed to the MONTHS of last year.

This is huge for Robyn so you can see why I was excited when I stopped to think about it. Obviously its hard to say if we were just really lucky last winter and Robyn will always be at high risk for respiratory bugs over the winter but fingers crossed its a good sign for the future. Hospital stays damage her ability to progress and develop so much as she spends so much of her energy trying to get well. This last year her development has come on massively due to so much less time spent being ill.