Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sshhhhh! Its a record!

It has been a pretty quiet winter round her for us. And without tempting fate as last year we were still being admitted with 'winter' bugs right up till May, I would like to celebrate a teeny, tiny record.

Robyn hasn't had an overnight stay in hospital in.........6 MONTHS!

Her previous record was four months. Its even more of a milestone as it was 6 WINTER MONTHS!

Congratulatory hug from the big brother.

Now we haven't been bug free Robyn did have bronchiolitis at xmas and we have had several colds/runny noses etc since January but that was to be expected with both Tyler and Robyn starting nursery. On the whole Robyn has handled it all very well.

We have finally started attending immunology clinic and so far they are happy that her immune system is doing much better than previously. We have been given the go ahead to give the MMR injection when we are ready, but I'm still working up the nerve for that one.

We have also started attending an endocrinology clinic which wont have much input into Robyn's life for a while yet but they will be monitoring her from now on so they can build up a good picture of what is 'normal for Robyn' so that when they do decide if she needs any help they will have a good base to work from.

All in all its been a reasonably good period of time medically. Developmentally Robyn is also coming on leaps and bounds. She has moved past  being able to sit for only short periods of time and can hold the position indefinitely. But like a true diva she will not be forced into sitting if she is not in the mood. She has become very good at moving out of a seated position into a laying flat position which is her preferred way to be. Her proprioceptive sense gets more feedback about what her body is doing lying like this. She can also be free to move.

She has developed her very own style of crawling. Which while it started off very much like a zombie throwing itself around on the floor is now becoming more refined. She can use both hands to help instead of dragging them both behind her. She also spends more time pulling up onto her knees and elbows or hands into a typical crawl position. This is incredibly difficult for her as she doesn't have the muscle tone that provides strength to hold her own weight like most children do.

That tummy is properly off the floor.

Despite not liking sitting positions very much Robyn has fallen in love with standing up. She can weight bear through her legs very well now and can even stand holding onto furniture for extended periods providing someone is there just in case she falls. She hasn't mastered moving her feet to prevent falling yet and her balance is affected by CHARGE issues relating to her ears. However she will make attempts to take steps to walk between people if she isn't too tired.

She has had her vision assessed again and has brilliant functional vision despite the coloboma in both eyes which is excellent news. Robyn loves her nursery and is settling in very well with her new friends even if she does love to roll around on the floor with all the boys instead of playing nicely with the girls. Guess that's what happens when you have cousins and brothers to contend with.

Robyn's use of Makaton is also coming on in leaps and bounds now. Her very favourite sign at the minute is 'finished'. She can apply it to eating as well as playing. Here she is signing 'finished' right after she completed her stacking ring tower.


Tyler is also developing well. He loves his nursery too and is still very much a tiny tornado of energy. I don't know how he does it most days.

I love this t-shirt.
They love nursery. I love post nursery nap time.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My New love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels

Seeing as things have gotten quiet for us recently medical wise the rest of our lives have been featuring more and more over the medical side which is a pleasant change.

In January I decided that it was time once and for all to get my weight back on track carrying baby weight when your youngest is 18 months is not a good look. So I joined a Slimming World class. Its been good so far. I have quite enjoyed having the motivation of going along and getting weighed with other people. And have stayed to the Image Therapy group after too. I have gotten some fantastic recipes out of the other members as well as from the online area for members only. In 12 weeks I lost 18 lbs so definitely on the way.

They have a set of awards known as Body Magic which is how I came to meet Jillian. I say meet, I mean on DVD obviously. She was recommended by a few friends so I have decided to give her 30 Day Shred a go. Its been too long since I did much real exercise so my plan is to do the first 30 days on level 1, then progress to 30 days at level 2 and finally 30 days at level 3. It will neatly take me through my Silver Body Magic award so I love that part BUT the workout just about killed me the first time lol. My legs felt like jelly after. However the next day I woke up expecting to be very sore and was pleasantly surprised. I could definitely feel that I had been working out but not in a pain way.

It was Day 3 today and I did find todays workout out that bit easier so I'm hopeful it WILL get easier in the long run. So While I hate how hard it is Jillian I am hoping by day 30 I will be loving the results.