Our Family

Our Family

Friday, 7 March 2014

It's been a while...

Been a while since I managed a proper update. Things have been pretty hectic this year so far. Tyler has started at his nursery, he is spending 2 great fun afternoons a week with a large group of 2 year olds and having and absolute ball. He settled in, in no time at all and has been an absolute star since starting. He loves to draw and paint. He also loves to read and is really enjoying singing and dancing as well.

Robyn has also started at the nursery attached to our local Child Development Centre. She will also attend but for two full days instead of half days. This week was her first week and she seems to be really loving it.

Health wise Robyn is doing brilliantly. We have only had one worrying moment when we took a little trip to the children's ward to have a check over but the doctor decided she was fine and didn't need to be admitted which is fantastic news.

We had a brilliant moment today though with a nursery nurse who doesn't know about her feeding issues who turned round and said aww she really loves her food doesn't she? Made my day.