Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, 16 May 2013

...And The Bad News

So I got up today and after not being admitted yesterday looked at Robyn puking up just her medicines before she even had anything to eat today and knew we had to take her to hospital to be checked over. When we got there it was a bunch of familiar faces nurse wise but a new doctor. He said she seems ok alert and not needing oxygen while awake i would only keep her if she needs oxygen while asleep. The nurses who were familiar with her have seen this before though. She fell asleep (which she never does for more than ten minutes during the day unless shes sick) and straight away the monitor started alarming on went the oxygen and  the senior consultant admitted her.

The new doctor looked a bit put out but meh. Teach him to listen when i tell him something is wrong then something IS wrong.

So we are back in hospital with bronciolitis once again :-(

Hoping for a short stay this time, but of course by short I mean anything less than ten days.